Sunbrero in the Greater Columbus Region

When it comes to your home, there are numerous upgrades and changes you can make. Home improvements can increase a property’s appeal or enhance its function. Window and door awnings can accomplish both. Prestige Shade offers clients in the Greater Columbus Region the Sunbrero, a high-quality window and door awning manufactured by Sunesta. This product helps homeowners regulate the comfort level in their homes, offers protection from inclement weather, and adds a striking visual element. Discover more about the Sunbrero and our professional services.

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About the Sunbrero

Yellow and white striped window awning fully extended over residential window

Prestige Shade is pleased to offer its clients one of Sunesta’s most popular sunshade solutions – the Sunbrero. With complete customization capabilities, customers can personalize their Sunbrero retractable awnings to fit their homes’ styles and sizes perfectly.

The Sunbrero is available in over 100 fabric options, allowing you to craft an awning that coordinates with your exterior color palette. Customers will also be able to select their preferred frame color to make their new window or door awning one-of-a-kind. The Sunbrero is designed to be retracted and extended at the customer’s convenience, but can also be installed in a fixed position.

Once clients have made their selections, we custom order their retractable awning right from Sunesta. A time and date will be scheduled for installation by a member of our experienced installation team. Our services even continue after installation, offering continued support to customers throughout the lifetime of their window and door awning. With extensive knowledge and a vast amount of experience to rely on, we are here for all of your awning needs.

Available Add-Ons

Additional product add-ons are available to safeguard your window and door awnings from the elements. Customers can opt for the following:

  • Smart Mount Pull-Up Kit
  • Smart Mount Storm Strap Kit
  • Smart Mount Rafter Bars, for additional base support

The Benefits of the Sunbrero

Given its high quality and effortless functionality, the Sunbrero offers users a variety of desirable advantages. When you choose to outfit your property with this window and door awning, you can expect the following benefits:

Improve Energy-Efficiency

Homeowners are constantly on the lookout for ways to improve their home’s efficiency. Unprotected windows are responsible for letting heat sink in during warmer months, along with frigid air during the colder months. The Sunbrero acts as a shield, protecting your home’s openings and keeping unwanted air out. Even with the added protection, the Sunbrero still allows natural light to brighten up your space.

Add to Your Aesthetic

Sunbrero retractable awnings are extremely eye-catching. Homeowners who feel the exterior of their property is a bit bland can find the ideal solution with the Sunbrero. With a wide range of colors and fabric designs to choose from, homeowners can find their ideal pop of color to liven up the visual appeal of their home.

Prevent Property Damage

Unprotected windows can allow constant sunlight to pour into your home. In turn, the UV light can damage your property. Walls, furniture, rugs, and even artwork can fade when subjected to intense sunlight for extended periods. The Sunbrero can help shade your space from intense sunlight and protect your belongings from becoming damaged.

Protect Windows and Doors

Windows and doors are critical components of a home. Rain, snow, and other elements can weaken windows and doors, causing them to deteriorate over time. The Sunbrero is ideal for this purpose, as it protects windows and doors and helps extend their lifespan.

Custom Order Your Sunbrero Today

Prestige Shade provides customers in the Greater Columbus Region with custom shade solutions, including retractable shades and more. All of our products are tailored to your specific needs. For clients seeking superior window and door protection, we offer the Sunbrero from Sunesta. Everything from the size, shape, and color is customizable, allowing clients to create their ideal sun shade solution. To learn more about the Sunbrero, or to custom order yours today, contact us at Prestige Shade.

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