Sunstyle Retractable Awnings in the Greater Columbus Region

As a family-owned business, Prestige Shade understands the importance of protecting your home and its residents from the harm sustained sunlight can cause. At the same time, being able to enjoy warm weather and getting out in the fresh air elevates the quality of our lives. Our home’s decks, patios, and gardens of our homes can expand our available living space and serve as a site for exercise, relaxation, and social events.

Take advantage of the comfort offered by the Sunesta Sunstyle retractable awning. This high-quality, customizable awning is just one of the products and services provided by Prestige Shade to customers in the Greater Columbus Region. Learn more about the styles of Sunstyle retractable awnings we offer and their benefits.

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Sunstyle Customizes the Sun and Shade at Your Home

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Prestige Shade is proud to be a licensed dealer of Sunesta brand products, which we believe is the best choice for outdoor shade solutions in the Greater Columbus Region. The Sunesta Sunstyle is a very popular option – and for good reasons. It projects up to 11 feet by 6 inches and can be custom-ordered in widths up to 40 feet. Our customers can choose from over 100 fabric options and five frame colors. We are available at Prestige Shade to assist in selecting the best colors, sizes, fabric types, and overall package for your home and lifestyle.

Here are some of the benefits when you order a custom Sunesta Sunstyle retractable awning and its installation with Prestige Shade:

Protection From the Sun and Elements

Enjoy your patio or deck in the heat of the day or during a light rainstorm. Feel the fresh air on your skin. Relax in the beauty of your surroundings.

Lowered Energy Costs

The temperature can be 15 degrees cooler when you have a Sunstyle retractable awning providing shade for humans, pets, and your house. When the sun beats on exterior walls, it can affect paint and siding colors, as well as increase indoor temperatures.

Extended Outdoor Living Time and Space

Retract the awning for a peek at the stars, or extend it fully to shield skin from the sun’s harmful rays. Sunesta awnings bear the seal of recommendation from Skin Cancer Foundation. Day and night, your deck, patio, or other outdoor living space becomes more accessible and comfortable with a Sunstyle retractable awning.

Improved Curb Appeal

The Sunesta Sunstyle retractable awning provides extra visual appeal to your home with contrasting or matching colors and durable, classic lines. These retractable awnings may also increase the appearance and desirability of your home should you place it on the market.

Prestige Shade Customer Service

When you contact Prestige Shade, you will get a response from a knowledgeable, helpful member of the family, David Grant. We do not use a call center because we highly value your comfort and time. When you are ready for a custom installation, we are available to help answer questions, choose specifics, and help make this decision more efficient and enjoyable.

Sunesta awnings are custom-made to the exact measurements and requirements of your home. Depending on the product you select, the warranty can cover up to 15 years on the frame and up to ten years on the fabric. With a motorized retractable Sunesta Sunstyle awning, the warranty can cover the motor for up to five years.

An accomplished carpenter and contractor at Prestige Shade directs the entire Sunesta Sunstyle awning installation. We pride ourselves on efficient, practiced installation of retractable awnings, screens, and sun shades.

Choose Prestige Shade for Retractable Awnings, Screens & Sun Shades

When you are ready to choose a long-term addition to your home environment, the quality of the product and the customer service offered by the company is paramount. When you order a Sunesta Sunstyle retractable awning and installation from Prestige Shade, you can be assured of both.

We only offer awnings, screens, and sun shades that are made for the weather conditions we experience in the Greater Columbus Region. Our partnerships with Acorn Finance and HFS Home Improvement Loans can help with financing these premium shade solutions for your home. For more information or to request a quote, contact us today.

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